Meet Your Innkeepers

Our heart’s desire was to create a Christian bed and breakfast that would glorify the Lord, be a place of refuge, comfort, rest, and renewal for those in full-time ministry, and provide a warm welcome to all who would come to stay. In January 2005, we purchased the historic Purcell-Killingsworth Home here in southern Alabama as the first step towards making this dream a reality.

The home itself was used as a private residence for 60 years before this purchase and would require extensive renovations to make it into the bed and breakfast of today. Thus began an almost year-long project of renovation of a home that had not seen major improvements since the late 1940s. Wonderful friends and family came to help, seeing the vision of our dream and the possibilities and opportunities for ministry.

Ray and Juanice Harrison spent countless hours cleaning, dusting, priming, and painting the home. As a gift to us, they painted the dining room, now named the Harrison Room, a beautiful dark red. After six coats of paint, they finally were able to call it finished.

Martha Nell Pybus came along and asked to help somehow with this project. After years of cabinet making courses, she became the cabinet contractor for both the prep kitchen and the cooking kitchen. Martha Nell was in her seventies when she began this project and worked circles around us, often having projects finished before we were ready for them. The projects included an island for the prep kitchen and new cabinet doors, a custom-built oven cabinet to hold two ovens, a drawer, an overhead cabinet, and a cooktop command center. The kitchen is now called Martha’s Kitchen in her honor and bears a plaque to remind all who see it of the precious gift of her time and talents.

After almost a year of hard work, and a lot of sweat and tears, the Garden Path Inn Bed & Breakfast opened for business in December, 2005. Welcome to our bed and breakfast home.

Gary and Diane Norman, Innkeepers
Garden Path Inn Bed & Breakfast
Jer. 29:11